Ultimate Ice Skating Center Vienna

Our vision

Our vision is to support figure skating development with the knowledige of a network of experts, with different projects, programs and services for all groups up to international top level skaters.

Training apps & Tools

The UISC is providing tools to work in a structured process together no matter whether at home or in the gym or at the rink as well as helping to stay injury free and improve performance at the same time and to be connected with other skaters to enjoy this wonderful sport together.

Our team wants to make it easy for skaters as well as their families, coaches and clubs to improve the training using tools and methods to train anywhere at any time connected with their whole team of coaches (skating, athletics, dance,…).

Find out more about our training platform and apps at www.trainandmeet.net

Team of experts & Advisory boards

The UISC has a team of coaches and a network of experts as well as an advisory board well established in figure skating (single skating,  ice dance and pair skating), internationally experienced technical specialists as well as health and sport training experts with expertise in different areas like training science, biomechanic, video- and motion analysis, injury prevention, nutrition, sport psychology or sport psychotherapy to name just some important areas.

Find out more about our coaching team as well as our advisory boards.


The main area of interest of the UISC is developing methods and tools to improve the training process and supporting the implementation of these tools in the daily training. For this we support skaters, trainers, teams/clubs and federations with services.

  • Workshop and camp planning and implementation 
  • Figure skating training for singles, pairs and ice dance (setup, training, improvement)
  • Rotation training for off-ice, dance training system
  • Athletic and dance/ballet training system for injury prevention and performance improvement 
  • Checkup and test skate days for figure skating and athletic training
  • Training planning support and setup
  • Online checkups and test skates for skating (on ice/off-ice) and for athletic training
  • Online video-/motion analysis services
  • Injury prevention, health and performance analysis and optimization
  • Apps  for training guidance for a trainer team supporting a group of athletes together
  • Tools for goals planning and training planning
  • Tools for tests and test skates
  • Tools for questionnaires and health analysis
  • App and tools for on-ice and off-ice training with training programs
  • App for habit control and nutrition support 

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