Summer Camp Ingolstadt (Germany) 2024

We want to invite interested skaters, trainers and teams to the 2024 Summer Camp in Ingolstadt/Germany with top trainers from Ukraine, Austria and Germany. The goal is to use the great team spirit at the camp and the input of the whole team for preparing the new season together. We are inviting especially teams and trainers but also skaters alone, but we would appreciate coordinating the training in cooperation with the main coach of the skater if possible. We are also offering feedback and a video archive to the trainers of the skaters.

Special topics 2024

  • Season preperation – jumping training, rotation training, athletic training methods, choreography | dance and program preperation
  • Methods for motivation and methods and tools for training efficiency for on ice and off-ice
  • Injury prevention through athletic training which also pushes the performance of skaters + health topics
  • Using training tools for more efficient and effective training (off-ice + on ice) and habit improvement

We have this time a big focus also on showing the athletes and trainers, who are interested how we are working with different training tools like apps with training programs (for joint training and home training) and how one can set them up (this is including video analysis on the ice rink and off-ice, constant video monitoring, fitness and training trackers (Garmin vivosmart 5 and others) as well as an web platform for training plans, goals, tests – including test skates to help teams supporting and monitoring their training with a team of experts and trainers better no matter where and when skaters are training.

If you are interested to prepare for the camp, there is also the possibility for meeting already before for training and checkups in Vienna and for preparing training plans, off-ice training programs and doing checkups online with our team.

You can contact us anytime and visit our training platform we are constantly developing with new content and exercises :

First week: 11.8.-17.8.2024
Second week: 17.8.-23.8.2024

Places at the camp will be available in the order of registration, so please reserve your place soon, as we already have many reserverations like last year. After 30.4. please also send an e-mail and we will try our best!


  • Figure Skating (Single)
  • Pair Skating (upon request + tryouts)
  • Ice Dance (only few skaters possible + tryouts)

Skater Levels


We are starting with the youngest skaters, that want to train like more advanced groups (starting with around 5 years, if they want and can train 2-3 hours on the ice and the same also off-ice till to older skaters wanting to improve)

Development group

All skaters that want to improve or work for jumps like Axel and double jumps or have a similar level in skating skills

Advanced group

All skaters that want to improve or work for jumps like double Axel and triples or quads and also want to improve their corresponding skating skills

General topics

  • Season preperation together with the trainers of the skaters
  • Health oriented long term athlete development (off-ice exercises and theory) including nutrition topics and injury prevention to increase also the performance of skaters
  • Jump technique off-ice and on ice
  • Short and long term improvement of rotation training in all levels for jumps with a special focus on exercises for improving jump rotation for all levels
  • Rotator | vestibular rotation machines (4 pieces) will be at our off-ice center there to train
  • Training and improvement of landings on ice and off ice including exercises for strength training
  • Intensive skating skills training (posture, knees, ….)
  • Choreography and dance training – contemporary dance sessions every day and check and improving of dancing on the ice
  • Transitional content, choreography | dance and performance improvement – check and practise for programs
  • Video analysis based training including a video archive for skaters and your trainers | team
  • Technical training tools
  • Rules teaching (creating spins, new ISU rules with an ISU technical specialists and international judge)
  • Check of programs, components, upon request GOE of the elements by an international judge and a ISU Technical Specialist
  • Preperation of new programs upon request

Training Info

  • Ice training: 3 hours per day (upon request or for smaller kids also 2 hours are possible), 6 days a week
  • Off-Ice training: 3 hours per day (including rotation machine training, health and strength oriented exercises increasing performance, stretching, dancing sessions every day with experienced dance coaches, choreo exercises,…)
  • Training planning for health oriented athlete development
  • Team activities and joint leisure program like playing beach volleyball, badminton, paddle tennis, going swimming, running, fun dance sessions, just relaxing together in the park and much more in the afternoon and evening

UISC Trainer Team

  • Dmytro Dmytrenko (Head coach and European Figure Skating Champion from Ukraine | Kyiv, choreograph, jump and skating skills coach and ISU Technical Specialist)
  • Neil Chesterton (Jumping coach, specialist in rotational training, harness jumps also for triples and quads, skating skills expert, choreograph, ice dancing coach as well as pair skating coach)
  • Daniele Caprano (Coach from Germany and Italy for single and pair skating with over 30 years of experience. Former national champion of Germany as well as participant in World Championships and at Olympic Games)
  • Oksana Dolgopolova (Pediatrician specialized on sport and figure skating including injury prevention and nutrition, International judge from Ukraine | Kyiv, with a great training and choreographic experience who is supporting the training and will share her experience with programs, GOE, rules kids training,….)
  • Michael Ruis (specialized in off-ice, athletic training, injury prevention, rotational off-ice training including rotation machines, video analysis and athlete long term development as well as training tools specialist)
  • Nelma Hede (Trainer and choreographer from Finland. Former Finnish champion. Trainer for jumping and skating technique)
  • Irina Spakowski (Experienced junior coach, coordinator and supervisor of the youngest junior talent)
  • Daniel Mirkovic (Coach for athletic and dance training Enthusiast for different dance styles like modern, contemporary dance or hip hop and long term athlete development)


Ingolstadt/Germany with a good training infrastructure including two 60×30 meter ice rinks (one we will use in summer for skating and one for leisure and off-ice activities beside other places in the sport center) and very good off-ice facilities including plyo, strength, dancing and rotational training. There are many facitlities also around and close to the ice rink as another a sport center with a gym and other facilities like a swimming pool and water park. Moreover a big beautiful park is between the ice rink and the danube which will be used for outdoor activities.
There are many cool places around Ingolstadt. We will assist you in planning a good camp including a nice holiday.  


Price Training/Week

1 week camp price: 750,- EUR 

6.5 days of training (3 ice sessions + 3 off-ice sessions including practising elements and programmes or parts of programmes – and on the last day 2 off-ice sessions and 1 ice session)

Including dinner, fruit and snack

The camp includes an early dinner together in the ice rink (6 days), before and after the dinner there will be leisure activities and there will be during day fruits and a small snack. For all those taking part in the camp for 14 days, there is an extra leisure programme on Saturday and also opportunities to use the ice for light training on Saturday if desired.

Price training/2 week

2 weeks camp: 1420,- EUR 

6 days training/week – Saturday is free or the possibility to train half a day on the ice, in addition to a light off-ice/athletic training programme

Family discount

2 or more skaters from the same family (brother/sister): 10% discount for 1 week 15% discount for 2 weeks

Team offers

Special offers for teams on request! We are happy to support skater coaches in monitoring their skaters on request.

Additional offers

Please enquire for private lessons, Harness training on ice, programme checks and the creation of new programmes. 


Enso Hotel right next to the ice rink

50 EUR in a double bed room
40 EUR in triple room

75 EUR for a single bed room
For the booking you need a special booking code from us!

Room/night/person including breakfast buffet

For sharing rooms, please contact us.

Visit the website of the wonderful Enso-Hotel in Ingolstadt!

Apartments are available in Ingolstadt too!

Registration | Questions

We ask you to send a request for registration with all infos about the age, skating category, jump and place of training as well as the name of the coach/coaches including the week/weeks you want to come by email to the email adress below or through our conact form. You will recieve an answer within 2 days. If not please contact us by phone in any case!

Michael Ruis
info (at)
T: +43 720 270058 – 205

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